Microsoft Silverlight Because Silverlight Came To The Market A Bit Later Than Flash, It Got Somewhat Of A Head Start In Terms Of Search-friendliness.

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As happens often with the SEO world, everything goes back to keywords. Adobe Flash The reason that websites entirely encoded in Flash can be problematic for search visibility is because there is a lack of links for the search engine crawlers (bots) to follow or HTML text to copy. Another way to do this is to specify alternate content with an object tag. This means that all of the content that your users can see, including buttons, menus and clickable links will be index-able. They can be if you do not take the right steps and know how to leverage them. This means picking relevant keywords for the meta and title tags. The benefit of Silverlight is that it allows HTML to ‘nest' within the Silverlight code. Working with an RIA development Consultant The best thing that you can do when you have identified RIA development as your next step is to find a developer that not only can handle the creation of the application, but has in-house specialists who understand and can guide the development for optimization. but quickly realized that is far too download apk files from google play many acronyms for one title. Microsoft Silverlight Because Silverlight came to the market a bit later than Flash, it got somewhat of a head start in terms of search-friendliness.